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First Appearance: Kid Icarus (1986)
Latest Appearance:

Kid Icarus (1986)

Affiliation(s): Medusa
Enemy Type: Trudging

Uranos (ウラノス Uranosu) is a dwarfish strongman appearing only in Skyworld's Fortress. He moves like a Shulm, slow and deliberate, easy pickings for Pit as long as he's not completely careless. The manual totes him as being a powerful and unique enemy, but he's actually very easy to avoid or defeat, though the red variety have high health.

In Kid Icarus

"The God of the Sky who betrayed Palutena and went over to Medusa's side. Watch out! He has terrible fighting power and a habit of lurking around inside the fortress."

Blue Uranos

Uranos sprite2.png
Hit Points Damage Hearts Score (Experience)
4 2 1 100

Red Uranos

Hit Points Damage Hearts Score (Experience)
10 3 5 300


  • Uranus, Father Sky, was a primordial deity of Greek mythology, said to be husband and lover of Gaia, the Mother Earth.
  • The description from the manual and his godly status makes Uranos appear as if he is an individual character but he's a generic enemy in the actual game.
  • Although the official artwork seemingly depicts Uranos having the ability to breath fire, he does not display this skill at all in-game.

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