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Hoshi-jū Kurāken (Star Beast Kraken)
First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Super Smash Bros. 4 (2014)


Galactic Fiend Kraken

Affiliation(s): Unaffiliated
Boss Type: Space (Oceanic)

The Kraken (クラーケン Kurāken), also known as the Space Kraken, is a new boss introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. As its name suggests, it is a massive octopus-like creature that can swim through the Galactic Sea. Based on remarks made in the game, it seems that Krakens are actually a species of monster that live in space, although Pit only encounters one in the game. It is the boss of Chapter 8, The Space-Pirate Ship where Pit fights it atop the Space Pirate Ship deck.



The creature has a unique technological design with numerous digital membranes lining its head and parts of its tentacles. Unlike the typical octopus, the Kraken seems to have fewer than eight limbs. Its skin is predominantly red with a white underbelly with blue digital membranes running down its belly and the underside its long four tentacles. It has blue fins on its head and tentacles that are decorated with numerous pink dots. The sclera of its eyes are black with numerous yellow dots decorating it. Its lamprey mouth is lined with razor sharp teeth.


Described as the apex predator of the Galactic Sea, the Kraken is a powerful monster. Its tentacles are long enough to help it climb out of the Galactic Sea and strong enough to help wrap itself around the Space Pirate Ship. According to its trophy description in Smash 4, the Kraken is said to have keen eyesight, able to detect the faintest ripples of light from even great distances. Likewise, its own idol description claims it to have an equally keen sense of smell, being able to sniff out Pit's fight with the Space Pirates.

For offensive purposes, the Kraken mainly fights using its four tentacles. It also has the ability to fire water from its mouth, either in bubbles or as a large stream of pressurized water. It can also fire small yellow laser arrows from its eyes and when the prey is close enough, crush it under its massive weight.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising

The Kraken makes its appearance in Chapter 8. After Pit manages to fight his way to the deck of the Space Pirate Ship, he is confronted by the Space Pirate Captain who angrily shouts for reinforcements. Before either of them could do anything, however, the Kraken appeared, drawn to the three-way battle between Pit, the Space Pirates, and the Underworld Army. The Kraken promptly devours the Captain and then engages Pit in battle. After an arduous fight, Pit manages to slay the Galactic Fiend and reclaim the Three Sacred Treasures while the beast sinks into the Galactic Sea, taking the Space Pirate Ship with it.

In Chapter 24, The Three Trials, Dyntos creates a copy of the Kraken in which Pit must fight to complete titular trials and claim the Great Sacred Treasure.

Idol Description

A hulking leviathan making its home in the Galactic Sea. People, monsters, and even starships are no match for the Kraken's gaping maw. The scent of Pit's battle with the Space Pirates piques the monster's hunger, endangering everyone.

In Super Smash Bros. 4

The Kraken appears as one of the numerous collectable trophies in the 3DS version.

Trophy Description

NA Version: A colossal cephalopod that travels the dark seas of the galaxy. It can detect the faintest ripples of light even from a great distance. Drawn by the battle with Space Pirates, a Space Kraken also attacks Pit during his adventure. Turn the tables on this sushi-to-be!

PAL Version: This massive beast journeys through the darkness of the Galactic Sea. Long ago, it was attracted by the lights of the battle between Pit and the Space Pirates, and decided to attack. When those pirates caught sight of the beast, they dropped the macho act pretty quickly.


  • The Kraken is based on the legendary creature of Norse mythology of the same name.
  • The Kraken bears a striking resemblance to Octoroks of the Legend of Zelda series, having a similar color scheme and mouth structure.

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