Space Pirate

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Space Pirate
Star Theives
First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

Affiliation(s): Space Pirate Captain
Enemy Type: Grounded

The Space Pirates, known in Japan as Star Theives (スター泥棒, Sutā Dorobō), are a race of futuristic and seemingly mechanical beings introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. They are thieves that steal constellations and stars from the night sky using a massive Space Pirate Ship that can sail through the Galactic Sea. Acting as enemies to both Pit and the Underworld Army, their ship serves as a stage featuring three-way battles between the forces in Chapter 8: The Space-Pirate Ship. The pirates are all lead by a captain, and have the Three Sacred Treasures in their possession.


The Space Pirates make up an impressive and powerful force, being able to effectively fight off both Pit and the Underworld forces. Three colored variations of the pirates make up the crew, each with different ways of attacking in battle. Despite this, all of the pirates share the same basic physical features, from the scar-like cuts that run along their heads to their plasma-based arms and legs.

Space Pirate Crew

The basic crew members aboard the Pirate Ship are said to make up 80% of the Space Pirate ranks, with them being the weakest variations. These yellow-colored crew members are actually the work force of the Space Pirate Ship, with their primary task being to provide maintenance to the vessel whenever and wherever necessary. As a result of their lower ranking, these pirates are completely unarmed in battle, but can still engage their enemies in hand-to-hand combat. They are certainly not the best fighters of the Space Pirates, but can still prove to be quite effective when called to battle in numbers.

Idol Description

Space Pirates are a race that travel the galaxies capturing constellations. The armor they wear is actually an exoskeleton that shields the glowing creatures within. Yellow Space Pirates are the most common crew members.

Space Pirate Snipers

Pirate Snipers are grey-colored variations that make up the primary elite fighting force of the crew. As their name suggests, these pirates are equipped with dangerous plasma guns that are attached to their right arms. They have a far projectile range and can unleash a barrage of plasma bolts towards enemies, making them some of the most effective fighters of the pirate ranks. At close range, however, they are likely not as efficient when it comes to melee combat.

Idol Description

Space Pirate Snipers pick off their targets from medium range and specialize in firing from a prone position. This stabilized their aim, and the eye on top of their heads makes up for any vision lost in this position.

Space Pirate Commandos

Pirate Commandos are the powerful green-colored members that likely make up the smallest portion of the crew. Like their grey brethren, Commandos are also projectile users. However, these guys bring the heavy artillery to the battlefield in the form of grenade launchers grafted onto their arms. They can use these weapons to launch explosive strikes on their opponents in the form of guided missiles, which also have an impressive blast range that can damage multiple targets at once. Despite being the most heavily armed of the pirates, Commandos are actually shorter than the other members of the crew.

Idol Description

Space Pirate commandos are equipped with incendiary grenade launchers. The explosions from their shots wreak serious havoc.



  • The Space Pirates in Uprising are likely a tribute to the Space Pirates of the Metroid franchise, the sister series to Kid Icarus.
  • They bear a resemblance to the Fighting Alloy Team from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, both in their color scheme and metallic design.

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