Pit's Body

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Pit's Body
Pitto no Karada
First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

Affiliation(s): Chaos Kin
Enemy Type: Versatile

Pit's Body is a boss in Kid Icarus: Uprising of the eighteenth chapter, The Ring of Chaos. As the name implies, it is none other than Pit's own body which has been removed of its soul and made a puppet of the Chaos Kin. When the Chaos Kin assumed control of Palutena's body and soul, Pit's own soul was removed from his body and imprisoned inside a ring, leaving his physical body an empty and mindless shell that only did the destructive bidding of the demonic entity. Under its command, Pit's Body went on a rampage across the human world for the next three years, killing humans and destroying cities with the aid of a brainwashed Centurion army.


Pit's Body obviously looks exactly the same as Pit. The only difference between them is that Pit's Body cannot talk and takes on a more hunched standing position. The eyes are also completely blank, lacking signs of life. In battle, it wields a Darkness Bow, keeping its distance from Magnus and unleashing charged shots whenever possible.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Pit's Body's battle card

In Chapter 18 of Kid Icarus: Uprising, Pit awakens within his ring imprisonment, completely horrified and confused about his current state, just then he is found by a little girl and later a stray dog which he is able to control to lead him into a nearby town. When he arrives, he is astonished to see none other than his own body flying about causing havoc. Luckily, he soon comes across Magnus who puts on the ring, allowing Pit to assume control of his body. Pit soon explains his predicament to Magnus and both agree to work together to take down the soulless angel body. After several battles they finally manage to find Pit's Body which prepares to face them in battle. The body proves to be a powerful opponent, but in the end, Magnus's mighty strength overwhelms it and knocks it out. He then places the ring on the body, allowing Pit's soul to reenter it and return to his old complete self.

Idol Description

The Chaos Kin takes advantage of Pit's weakened state after his battle with the Aurum to seal his soul in a ring. Without a spirit to guide it, Pit's body is at the whim of the Chaos Kin, mindlessly rampaging for three years.


  • Pit's Body uses the Darkness Bow as its weapon. When first seen when playing as the dog, Pit's Body is seen shooting it, but its shots are colored differently than normal, being blue with bright red outlines instead of blue with purple outlines. However, in the boss battle against Pit's Body, the arrows' coloration returns to normal.

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