The Aurum Brain

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The Aurum Brain
Preceded By: The Aurum Hive
Followed By: The Ring of Chaos
Locations: Aurum Brain Fortress
Major Characters: Aurum Pyrrhon
This article is about the chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising. For the Aurum mastermind, see Aurum Brain.

The Aurum Brain is the seventeenth chapter in the storyline of Kid Icarus: Uprising, and is the final part of the Aurum story arc. It has Palutena's Army, the Underworld Army, the Forces of Nature, and Pyrrhon all working together to perform a full assault on the massive fortress housing the Aurum Brain. This chapter is unique in that it’s entirely on-rails, even during the ground portion of Pit’s adventure.

Aerial Mission

Like the previous chapter, Pit once again begins his mission by diving straight into a passel of Aurum vessels, all of which are now fighting in full force against two entire armies. Many Underworld and Nature troops fight alongside Pit, although they can still be optionally attacked. Pyrrhon also helps to burn many of the Aurum troops and their floating island bases to clear the way, saying that it’s time to attack the mastermind behind the invasion called the Aurum Brain. Both heroes head deep into the planet-sized fortress while Hades and Viridi keep the forces outside busy. Upon reaching the center of the massive structure, a miniboss battle begins that consists of shooting at the Aurum Brain while avoiding the many Aurum troops guarding it. Before long, Pyrrhon suddenly reappears and flies straight into the Brain, seemingly sacrificing himself in a large, fiery explosion and causing Pit to quickly evacuate the fortress. Unfortunately for the angel, Pyrrhon reveals that his plan all along was to take control of the Aurum Brain and, having apparently succeeded, sends his newly acquired army to retaliate against the opposing forces. The Aurum suddenly change color and begin attacking more ruthlessly, while a surprised Pit frantically tries to hold the invaders back. Meanwhile, Viridi attempts to use a Reset Bomb to destroy the fortress, only to have Pyrrhon burn the resulting forest effortlessly. With all hope lost, Palutena tries to pull Pit out of battle before his Power of Flight runs out, but Pyrrhon once again interferes by blocking her abilities. As the angel’s wings begin to catch fire, Palutena opts to turn off his flight as a last resort, while Viridi calls in her troops to carry a platform for Pit to land on.

Ground Mission

As mentioned before, the ground portion of this chapter is entirely on-rails, with Pit fighting on a series of moving platforms. The first platform is quite small, initially making combat difficult. Viridi remedies this by bumping Pit onto a larger platform also carried by her troops, providing more space for battle. Now approaching the Aurum fortress once again, Pit must fight off multiple waves of enemies while avoiding many obstacles. During this time, the Aurum attempt to destroy the platform by using one of their battleships to swallow it up. A second attempt has two ships sandwiching the platform between them, although Viridi’s Nature troops are able to pull it out. Pyrrhon, watching from the Aurum Brain, acknowledges Pit’s determination and literally rewards him with a Pyro Blaster attack launched from the interior of the fortress. The Nutskis carrying the platform tilt it to shield Pit from the attack, sacrificing themselves in the process. With no one carrying him, Pit once again falls before being saved by a group of Palutena’s own Centurions, who have now joined the fray. Pulled by two powerful Centurion Strongarms, the new platform (equipped with a Jump Pad) is swiftly taken into the fortress, where Pit must now guard the two soldiers from being attacked by Aurum forces. Once they make it to the Aurum Brain’s chamber, the Centurions lift the platform and Pit upwards to meet Pyrrhon for battle.

Boss Battle

Upon confronting the sun god, it’s revealed that the Aurum Brain has nearly assimilated him to create Aurum Pyrrhon. Now completely under its control, the Brain uses its new-found fire abilities during this challenging boss battle. The Centurions keep safe beneath the platform while slowly rotating it around the boss, making this a unique fight. Initially shielded, Aurum Pyrrhon will only be vulnerable by destroying the four green targets lining the outside of the arena. He can then be shot at directly to cause actual damage. The sun god himself uses many dangerous attacks, some of which encourage heavy use of the platform’s Jump Pad to avoid. Pyrrhon’s Pyro Snake can be one of his most annoying attacks, as it can often be difficult to dodge due to its size and homing capabilities. Aurum Pyrrhon is proven to be a very strong foe, taking a lot of punishment before finally succumbing to Pit’s attacks.


  • Pyro Mines: Aurum Pyrrhon tosses several fireballs that explode after a short time, or after making contact with Pit.
  • Pyro Snake: Aurum Pyrrhon sends out a serpentine wave of flame that homes in on Pit.
  • Fire Wave: Aurum Pyrrhon sends out a crescent wave of flame that homes in on Pit. Well timed uses of the jump pad can avoid this.
  • Ring of Fire: Aurum Pyrrhon’s strongest attack. The Sun God creates a ring of fire that closes in on Pit. This attack can only be avoided via the Jump Pad.

Battle Quotes

  • "Why?! Why?!" (When shields are destroyed.)
  • "Ow!" (When taking damage.)
  • "Receiving pain!" (When taking damage.)
  • "Shazamitylam!" (When using Pyro Snake.)
  • "Feeling anger!" (When shields are destroyed.)
  • "You cannot stop us!" (When using Ring of Fire.)
  • "You will be assimilated!" (When using Ring of Fire.)


Upon taking enough damage, the Aurum Brain will seemingly weaken its grip on Pyrrhon, causing him to unleash his full power in another explosion. Pit once again manages to escape, while the sun god begins propelling the Aurum fortress far away from the planet, ending the threat of the invaders. Although it’s unknown if this was Pyrrhon’s intention, Viridi nevertheless claims it’s the first time he’s actually been helpful.


  • Pyrrhon references Wikipedia by the in-universe name of Divinipedia.

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