Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit

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Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit
Chapter5 new.png
Preceded By: The Reaper's Line of Sight
Followed By: Dark Pit
Locations: Pandora's Labyrinth
Major Characters: Pandora, Dark Pit

Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit is the fifth chapter of the storyline in Kid Icarus: Uprising. This mission features the return of the last fortress guardian of the original Kid Icarus, the goddess of calamity Pandora. In addition, Dark Pit's creation is also revealed towards the climax of this chapter.

Aerial Mission

Pit will start this chapter in the quiet sky, where Palutena will explain that the Reapers did a great job of hiding the entrance to Pandora's lair. The angel becomes puzzled, before witnessing the formation of a dimensional rift that leads to Pandora's labyrinth. During one of the most bizarre flying sequences of the adventure, Pit must travel through a series of vortexes and polygonal hallways, many of which play mind tricks with deceptive walls and illusions; however, certain types of wall can injure Pit. Enemies are everywhere, but also seem disoriented in this space, with some randomly disappearing while others seem to lose control of their flight. This is also the first chapter where different paths can be taken, although most of them lead to dead ends that will only waste the Power of Flight. Towards the end, Pit will fly through multiple illusions, including a recreation of Chapter 1, a short trip through space, a seemingly digitalized area, and a large hall with columns that can deflect projectiles.

Ground Mission

The ground portion of this chapter is said to be one of the most complicated yet, as the labyrinth of Pandora contains many illusions and tricks. It is also home to the Mirror of Truth, which is responsible for the creation of Dark Pit. It starts with Pit immediately landing after the confusing flight into the Labyrinth. Pit and Palutena will banter with Pandora all throughout the chapter, mainly commenting about the unique setting. In addition to trampolines, Pit will wander into multiple arenas where Exo Tanks can be used. He will also have to fight his way through confusing, moving walls and invisible floors to get towards the boss room where Pandora resides. Once he reaches the area, he exchanges some conversation with Pandora before fighting.

Intensity Gates

The first Intensity Gate is located in the room with the trampolines found halfway through the level, requiring a difficulty level of at least 4.0. It contains two Treasure Chests and a Mimicutie hidden in between them. Only one of the three can be chosen, as the other two will disappear.

The chapter's second Intensity Gate is located in the same room mentioned above but is beneath the trampolines, and requires a high difficulty setting of 8.0. It contains no traps, but rather a classic room decorated with textures from the original Kid Icarus, as well as an image of its well-known shop. A single Treasure Chest can be found here, which contains a weapon.

Boss Battle

Dark Pit and Pandora

Pandora serves as the boss of this chapter, and is capable of using teleportation and other deceptive tactics during the fight. One of her main attacks is to spit out bombs that can be hit back at her with melee attacks, as doing so will cause the most damage to her. Her other attacks involve firing flaming discs at Pit and sinking into the ground to attack from below. She can also attack by spitting fireballs and bouncing on Pit.

Halfway through the battle, Pandora pretends to surrender and tricks Pit into looking into the Mirror of Truth, but Pit destroys the mirror in the process, resulting in the creation of Dark Pit. Pandora reveals that creating an evil version of Pit was her intention all along—however, to her surprise, Dark Pit turns against her and teams up with Pit. The fight remains largely unchanged, with the only difference being Dark Pit aiding Pit (armed with whatever weapon Pit is currently equipped with). Pandora also gains a new vacuum attack where she sucks Pit or Dark Pit close to her, dealing damage. After taking enough damage, Pandora will eventually be defeated.


  • Fireballs: Pandora spits out several fireballs in Pit's general direction.
  • Bombs: Pandora spits out three bombs that explode after a short period. Melee attacks can send these flying back at her.
  • Fire Discs: Pandora fires two flaming discs that home in on Pit.
  • Bounce: Pandora bounces along the ground, creating shockwave to damage Pit.
  • Land Shark: Pandora sinks into the ground and moves under Pit to attack from below.
  • Vacuum Breath: Pandora sucks Pit in, dealing damage.

Battle Quotes

  • "Phooey!" (When using Vacuum Breath.)
  • "This is so boring..." (When near defeat.)


Together, the two angels defeat Pandora. Immediately afterwards, Dark Pit gives his counterpart a mighty kick and mentions of how he dislikes Pit copying his look. After stealing Pandora's powers by running through the remnants of her black-blue flames, he quickly flies away.


  • The flying portion of this mission may be a reference to the polygonal structure of Star Fox on the SNES.

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