The Return of Palutena

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The Return of Palutena
Preceded By: N/A
Followed By: Magnus and the Dark Lord
Locations: That First Town
Major Characters: Pit, Palutena, Medusa, Twinbellows

The Return of Palutena is the first chapter in the main storyline of Kid Icarus: Uprising. It introduces the player to the three main characters of the game: Pit himself, the goddess Palutena, and the main antagonist, Medusa. This chapter also helps to explain the controls to the player, as well as the mission at hand.

Aerial Mission

The first part of the chapter will have Pit flying though the blue skies, where the player will be introduced to some basic enemies while Palutena explains the situation of Medusa being reborn. After the explanation of how to fight in the air, Medusa herself will appear before Pit but will not attack directly. Instead, she taunts both Pit and Palutena about celebrating her revival by slaughtering all of the humans in the town below, before disappearing. Palutena will lead Pit to ground level to search for the town, all the while being attacked by Underworld troops sent by Medusa. During this time, Palutena will also explain the Power of Flight, which is her ability to guide Pit through the skies under a time limit of five minutes. Upon reaching the town, it is clear that the Underworld army has already begun its rampage as many buildings in the area burn. Confetti appears in the air and Pit will then proceed to fly down to ground level, but not before stating that the people of the town are cheering for the return of Palutena.

Ground Mission

Upon reaching the ground, Palutena will explain the control scheme once again. Pit will have to proceed through the streets of the town, but will now be in full control of his movement. Underworld troops are everywhere, and are just as dangerous on the ground as they are in the air. Pit must battle through the streets and defeat all of the enemies. After a while, Medusa will unleash Twinbellows, which jumps towards the colosseum, defeating any enemies in its way and then sets the colosseum ablaze. Pit must then make his way to the structure to face the boss of the mission. A multitude of staircases lead up to the colosseum, lined with various enemies. As Pit makes his way to the top, a giant Wrecking Ball will roll back down the staircases after him, defeating any enemies in the way. Once Pit makes it past all of these obstacles, he will be free to enter the colosseum itself and face the boss. A hidden treasure box will appear if Pit goes between the two staircases that lead up to the colosseum and defeats the Wave Angler in the gap.

Intensity Gate

This intensity gate is found towards the beginning of the chapter; requiring the Fiend's Cauldron to be set at 5.0 or higher. This Gate has Pit battling a powerful enemy known as a Crawler, which resembles a massive tank that has a weak spot on its back. It will be accompanied by two Gyrazers. The reward for defeating them is a Treasure Box and three food items.

Boss Battle

Pit facing Twinbellows

The boss of this chapter is Twinbellows, the two-headed guard dog of the Underworld. It was summoned by Medusa as a flaming ball of fire to secure her hold on the town. Twinbellows moves very fast in battle and becomes tougher as its health is depleted. Also, many of its attacks can cause burns. Both heads are capable of either shooting multiple flaming projectiles, or breathing one large stream of fire. It can also attack with its claws and can swing its tail when Pit uses melee attacks. However, Twinbellows' most dangerous attack is when it charges directly at Pit, a maneuver it can repeat at four times. The amount of times it uses this attack depends on the boss's health and the intensity he is faced on. Fortunately, after Twinbellows uses this move, it will hit its head on the wall of the Colosseum, making it vulnerable for Pit to attack.


  • Fireballs: Twinbellows spits out a volley of fireballs in Pit's general direction.
  • Fire Breath: Twinbellows breathes out a stream of fire from its two heads.
  • Flame Claw: Twinbellows swipes at Pit with its claws.
  • Charge: Twinbellows charges at Pit. On higher difficulties, Twinbellows can do this frequently.
  • Tail Whip: If Pit is too close behind Twinbellows, it will swipe at him with its tail.
  • Roar: Pushes Pit away, but does not deal any damage.


Pit eventually defeats Twinbellows, who dies with one final howl. The astral projection of Medusa chuckles, unfazed by the defeat of the guard dog. Pit boasts that Medusa's days are numbered and Palutena extracts him from the town, stating that the war with Medusa has just begun.



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