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The Intensity Gate in Chapter 1.

An Intensity Gate is a type of door in Kid Icarus: Uprising that can only be opened if the game is set to a certain difficulty level or higher. Intensity Gates are exclusive to Land Battle segments. Each Intensity Gate leads to a different location, usually an isolated room with a group of enemies and a few treasure chests inside. Most levels have at least one to two Intensity Gates, some of which must be encountered off the intended path or very far into the chapter. Visiting all Intensity Gates at least once is required to earn a golden laurel crown for the chapter.

Gate Locations

Chapter 1

Gate Level: 5

In the fountain courtyard, look to your right to find this gate as shown in the picture above. Because this is the first Gate you are able to find, Palutena will fill you in on what they are. Inside there is an Underworld Crawler.

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

Gate Level: 4

The first gate is easy to spot. Near the starting point, after rounding a few corners, it can be seen on top of a small staircase. It will take you down a pathway, but don't drop off the end back to the starting point, turn right to find a Treasure Chest. Turn around and go back the way you came, which will also reveal a Souflee.

Gate Level: 7

The second gate is located after the Head of the Hewdraw. In the immediate next area, look left about 120-150 degrees to find this gate. Inside is a treasure chest and a few enemies, so look out.

Chapter 4

Gate Level: 5

When you get to a small area with a Jump Pad in the center, go to the door behind the pad and take the elevator up. When you get out of the elevator, the intensity gate can be found behind it. There you will find some Grind Rails coupled with enemies. Once the loot is collected, two Reapers will appear together with a Demon Vine to attack them with.

Chapter 5

Gate: Level: 4

In the area with the trampolines, when you get to the area after the area the Mik is bouncing in, on the right there is a Jump Pad, there will be another, then you're at the intensity gate. On the inside there are 3 Treasure Chests, the one on the left contains a weapon (may or may not contain Power by chance), the one on the right contains a food item and hearts, the middle one is a Mimicutie.
Note: You can only open one Treasure Chest, unless you're really lucky and they stay so you can open a second one.

Gate Level: 8

In the area with the trampolines, you can also sometimes go on platforms under the ones with the trampolines. When you find the second Specknose, go under the trampoline platform to find this gate. As an easter egg, the room is textured to look like a shop from the 8-bit Kid Icarus game. It may be intensity 8 as the easter egg is "8" bits or just because of whatever other reason.

Chapter 6


Chapter 7

Gate Level: 9

This gate is easy to find, but the hard part about getting there is enduring the air battle at the highest intensity (9.0, "Nothing Harder!"). This gate will take you to a room with puddles with an electric current. You will be notified about the floor by Palutena. After defeating a Shelbo, Handoras, and a Zurret, your reward is a treasure box, food,Lightning of Judgment item, and a Drink of the Gods. You will be led back to a room filled with enemies.

Gate Level: 4

The gate in this chapter easy to find. To find the second one, look to your right after entering the door once the central platform is on the second/third level, you must play in an Intensity of 4.0 or higher.

Chapter 8

Gate Level: 6

The Intensity Gate in this chapter is in the hallway on the right, right after the Belunka breaks down the wall killing the Space Pirate Sniper that is connected to the elevator after the engine room. The room contains one treasure chest and no enemies.

Chapter 9


Chapter 10

Gate Level: 4

After you enter a room, the doors will be blocked. Defeat the Suit of Skuttler, and Tempura Wizard. After they are both defeated, the doors will be accessible. But, do not follow the arrow. Instead, make your way backwards from the arrow and you will reach the Intensity Gate. In it is a Girin, Sinistew, Skuttler, and a Hot Spring. Also there is scenery in front of the Hot Spring where a Souflee is hiding.

Chapter 11


Chapter 12


Chapter 13

Gate Level: 7

When you reach the boss door, look left to find this gate on the side. Inside is a single Treasure Chest.

Chapter 14


Chapter 15

Gate Level: 6

When you get to the Exo Tank Area, in the third room there's a track, leading you to the "roof" where you will find 2 Healing Items and the Intensity Gate.

Chapter 16

Gate Level: 7

This gate cannot be missed. It is located among the vaults that give you hearts sometime after the Aether Ring shaft.

Chapter 17


Chapter 18

Gate Level: 6

When playing as Magnus, at the place where the Centurions fighting against the Underworld Army, there's an alley to the right where the Intensity Gate is located. After obtaining the treasure in the Treasure Box, two Skuttlers and a Skuttler Mage will enter the area.

Chapter 19

Gate Level: 6

This gate is found near the end of the mini-maze.

Chapter 20

Gate level: 5

It is shortly after the start of Land Battle, right after the room with the 5 Centurions and 2 Centurion Knights just past the first Exo Tank.

Gate level: 8

When reaching the "maze" fall in the hole before the door with the lock. Then go trough a little hallway and you should see the gate. Its a little cave with one treasure box.

Chapter 21

The only Land Battle area is the arena, there is no Intensity Gate.

Chapter 22

The only Land Battle area is the Rewind Spring, there is no Intensity Gate.

Chapter 23

Gate Level: 8

This Intensity Gate is located in the room where you first see the green pillars, which you have to hit to lower them. Hit the two of them and the Gate should be on the left.

Chapter 24


Chapter 25

As there is no Land Battle for this chapter, there is no Intensity Gate.