Medusa's Final Battle

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Medusa's Final Battle
Preceded By: The Space-Pirate Ship
Followed By: The Wish Seed
Locations: Underworld, Underworld Castle
Major Characters: Medusa, Hades, Dark Pit, Underworld Gatekeeper

Medusa's Final Battle is the ninth chapter of the storyline in Kid Icarus: Uprising, and the final part of the first main story arc, focusing on the climactic battle between Medusa and Pit. The Three Sacred Treasures retrieved during Chapter 8 are automatically equipped right before Pit begins this mission, allowing him to destroy his enemies with relative ease.

Aerial Mission

The aerial battle has Pit flying down to the depths of the Underworld, where Medusa resides within a deathly fortress. On the way, he encounters new enemies called Shootflies, which only react to the sound of a firing weapon. He makes his way down a deep tunnel filled with dangerous Ornes, which can now be easily destroyed thanks to the Sacred Treasures, as well as web-spinning Trailtails. After passing these many enemies, Pit finally reaches the eye-shaped entrance to the Underworld, which can now be entered thanks to the key retrieved from Thanatos during Chapter 7. Upon reaching the dreary wastelands of the Underworld, Dark Pit joins in for the rest of the aerial mission, as he shares a common goal of getting rid of the goddess of darkness. After battling numerous enemies, they reach Medusa's ghastly fortress where they must face the dangerous Underworld Gatekeeper as a miniboss, which can launch many laser-based attacks and will prevent them from passing. When the guardian proves to be too strong, Dark Pit executes a powerful kick to knock the monster out of the way, allowing Pit to enter the fortress while his dark counterpart stays behind to fight off the pursuing Underworld monsters.

Underworld Gatekeeper Miniboss

The Underworld Gatekeeper serves as the miniboss of the aerial mission. The Underworld Gatekeeper is armed with various laser turrets and has various attacks at its disposal, ranging from fireballs, to energy blasts, to a large laser beam that travels across the screen. It can even transform into a jet and charge across the screen to damage Pit. To bring down the mighty machine, Pit must destroy all of the turrets on its body. After doing so, the Gatekeeper shields its eyes with a protective covering, preventing Pit from finishing it off. Pit must fend off the colossus's attacks until Dark Pit arrives to finish it off.


  • Fireballs: Fires fireballs from the gears on its wings.
  • Energy Bullets: Fires energy bullets from the triangles on body.
  • Ring Shot: Fires a slow moving ring-shaped energy projectile.
  • Bombs: Fires two grenade-like projectiles that home in on Pit.
  • Energy Orb: Fires two large slow moving energy orbs at Pit.
  • Mega Laser: Fires a large energy beam that travels across the screen.
  • Jet Mode: The Gatekeeper transforms into a jet and quickly flies across the screen to hit Pit.

Ground Mission

The ground mission begins with Pit entering a room with three statues of bosses from the previous chapters. All three of Medusa’s primary minions (Twinbellows, Hewdraw, and Pandora) must be faced once again by entering the doors in front of their respective statues. Each boss is also preceded by a short chapter segment that utilizes the game's three vehicles. Upon defeating the trio of bosses, the path to Medusa's domain will open, beginning a long trip to the final battle. A multitude of enemies are introduced here, including the laser-firing Igniot, the classic Erinus (which now only splits into two parts), and the extremely dangerous Tempura Wizard. Many obstacles are also present in the fortress, including an extensive Grind Rail segment and a location with nearly invisible platforms that must be hopped across. Medusa constantly taunts Pit along the way, but also reveals that she hasn't figured out how she was revived in the first place.

Boss Battle

The final battle with Medusa has Pit flying for the first time at a chapter’s end, using the Sacred Treasures to circle around the massive goddess of darkness. It consists of three parts:

Normal Form Part 1

Medusa initially forces the angel far away from her platform, where he will have to make his way back while avoiding an onslaught of projectile attacks. When Pit gets close enough, Medusa will begin warping around the arena while launching more attacks, making her a difficult target to hit until she completely stops. If Pit doesn't stop her soon enough, she will force him away from the platform again.


  • Energy Orbs: Medusa creates energy orbs that release a flurry of more dark energy orbs.
  • Barriers: Medusa creates rotating barriers to impede Pit's progress.
  • Eye Beams: Medusa fires eye shaped energy projectiles that petrify Pit on contact.
  • Dark Mines: Medusa blows a kiss at Pit, spitting out three dark energy mines that float on various places on the screen before exploding.
  • Claws: If Pit doesn't do enough damage, Medusa will teleport behind Pit to swipe at the angel with her claws.

Normal Form Part 2

Palutena will use her power to hold Medusa in place, allowing Pit to hit her much more easily. She now attacks by shooting fire from her eyes, as well as by spawning an inhaling fanged maw within her palm. This is the shortest part of the battle.


  • Eye Beams: Medusa fires red lasers from her eyes.
  • Dark Mines: Medusa blows a kiss at Pit, spitting out three dark energy mines that float on various places on the screen before exploding
  • Poison Claw: Medusa waves her hand in front of her face, revealing a fanged maw that breathes out poison mists.

Monster Form

After taking enough damage, Medusa's rage will overcome her, causing her to transform into her monster form from the original Kid Icarus. In a rather disturbing scene, she twists and detaches her head from her neck and begins to quickly fly after Pit. Medusa's attacks in this form consist of launching demonic projectiles and dangerous laser beams from her mouth and eye. After taking enough damage, her head will return to her body, allowing the angel to deliver the finishing blow. If Pit takes too long, he'll be forced to repeat the process.


  • Eye Beam: Medusa fires a sweeping red laser from her eye.
  • Dark Mines: Medusa spits out three energy mines that float on various places on the screen before exploding.
  • Snake Venom: The snakes in Medusa's hair fire energy blasts at Pit.

Battle Quotes

  • Choke on it! (When initiating the battle or using her claws.)


Upon being defeated, Medusa disintegrates into dust, and her Underworld fortress begins to crumble. The game's credits begin to roll shortly after, only to be interrupted and torn off the screen by Hades, who reveals himself not only as the one who revived Medusa, but is also the true mastermind behind the Underworld invasion. He declares that he will be a far bigger threat than Medusa, even comparing her to a "sweet, cuddly bunny", before bidding Pit and Palutena farewell. This event sets the game's second story arc into motion.

Enemies in this Chapter


  • During the transition between Medusa's normal form and monster form, there is occasionally a glitch where the mouth on Medusa's hand will float in place and fly away as she undergoes her transformation.
  • When Pit reaches the Underworld, he and Palutena will comment on how difficult the Underworld was in the original Kid Icarus.
  • This is one of only two chapters in which an Exo Tank, Cherubot, and an Aether Ring all appear and can be used- the other being Chapter 19.
  • Thanatos is the only primary Medusa minion that is not re-battled in this chapter.
  • When fighting Twinbellows, Pit makes a reference to Nintendogs, saying "We're going to rack up some serious Nintendogs points together".

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