Aether Ring

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Aether Ring
Aether ring.png
Type: Vehicle
Specializes In: Defense, Ranged Combat
Strengths: Shielding ability, low gravity to improve accuracy
Weaknesses: Poor handling

The Aether Ring is one of the three ride-able vehicles introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising, alongside the Exo Tank and Cherubot. It is described as being one of the "vehicle of the gods" as the other vehicles are called in Uprising. The Aether Ring is the most unique albeit rare vehicle in the game.


The Aether Ring allows Pit to use an energy shield for protection, but the vehicle will be destroyed if it takes too much damage. The vehicle can also be destroyed if it is damaged between walls. Aether Rings also grant a very slow fall, allowing Pit to be able to shoot accurately while falling. However, the Aether Ring has bad handling and will not decrease speed, but glide, even if the direction of the circle pad is changed. Unlike the other vehicles, it has no melee attacks, only energy shots serving it. It also has a defensive Special Attack, the only one to do so. The attack creates an impenetrable force field that can deflect projectiles and hurt enemies when barraging into them. However, the shield lasts for only 3 seconds thus making it rather impractical.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising

The Aether Ring is first used in Chapter 9, Medusa's Final Battle during the Land Battle in That Burning Town replica where Hewdraw Reborn's doppelganger is fought. In Chapter 19, The Lightning Chariot, the Chariot Master is shown to own one of these vehicles, making the assumption that he is a god, but he is actually not.

Idol Description

The Aether Ring is a vehicle of the gods that can move around freely. While the vehicle may look like a gyro-top to Pit, its heavenly status masks it from humans, who only see a useless pile of rocks.

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