Wings of Pegasus

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One of the Three Sacred Treasures, the Wings of Pegasus grant Pit the ability of full, unlimited flight. They're only unsealed for the final encounter in the Palace in the Sky. A lesser version, known as an Angel's Feather, grants Pit temporary flight as a recovery method.


Kid Icarus

They appear in the Palace in the Sky in Pit's final battle with Medusa. In the American NES version, players had to simply direct which way the wings would take him (though the screen was always automatically scrolling to the right), though in the Japanese version, players had to repeatedly hit the jump button in order to keep Pit flying. These wings will never exhaust, though are still only usable in the last level.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

These wings allow Pit flight, but the button must be continuously pressed to keep him in the air. Pit automatically equips this no matter what during the last stage and the battle with Orcos.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

The Wings of Pegasus return as a way to allow Pit to reactivate the Power of Flight in his last battle against Medusa.


  • Pegasus was a winged horse in Greek mythology, flown by Bellerophon in combat against the Chimera and Amazons.

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