Viridi, Goddess of Nature

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Viridi, Goddess of Nature
Preceded By: The Wish Seed
Followed By: Wrath of the Reset Bomb
Locations: Reset Bomb Forest
Major Characters: Viridi, Cragalanche

Viridi, Goddess of Nature is the eleventh chapter of the storyline in Kid Icarus: Uprising, featuring a great war between two human nations to gain control of the Wish Seed, which was actually nothing more than a false rumor spread by Hades. Taking place at a dreary battleground, Pit will have to face off against the demented goddess of nature, Viridi, who has unleashed an unspeakable force upon the human race.

Aerial Mission

The aerial portion begins with Pit flying over a seemingly quiet valley, only to discover two massive human armies clashing on a battlefield below. Palutena remarks that the humans were tricked by Hades into fighting over the false Wish Seed from the previous chapter, which was said to supposedly grant the user unimaginable capabilities. Afraid of being overpowered by whoever took control of the Seed, these once peaceful nations became obsessed with taking the power for themselves by resorting to destroying each other in war.

Impact of the Reset Bomb.

Pit displays sorrow at this fact, wishing he could alert both armies of the truth about Hades and his intention to collect all of the souls of their dead. However, the battle doesn’t last long before it causes a disturbance with nature itself. Palutena warns Pit of an impending disaster as the sky begins to glow with fire, proceeding to fly him away from the battlefield as a massive meteor falls from the heavens and obliterates the two armies. The nature goddess Viridi then reveals herself (via an astral projection) as the culprit, having apparently wiped out the armies with a destructive weapon called a Reset Bomb. Laughing wickedly at her accomplishment, she berates the human race as “scum” and establishes her actions as their well-deserved punishment. As Pit looks on at the incredible destruction caused by the impact, Palutena tells him to explore the massive twisted forest that the bomb has spawned. Viridi meanwhile explains that she plans to exterminate the rest of humanity for mistreating nature, describing the Reset Bombs as weapons that revert the land back to its natural state. As Pit makes his way into the Reset Bomb Forest, they initially try to reason with the nature goddess, but Palutena concludes that they have no choice but to take her down. The forest is filled with enemies from the newly introduced Forces of Nature faction, all of which are based on plant and animal life. However, when the Forces prove no match for Pit's firepower, Viridi proceeds to summon the monstrous Cragalanche, who knocks the angel down into the Reset Bomb Forest.

Ground Mission

The ground portion of this chapter has Pit exploring the maze-like forest that has fused with much of the original human settlement. Some survivors of the impact can be found around the area, and will leave Food items behind if freed. Pit will have to make his way through this fairly complicated level while battling hordes of Nature troops that guard the location's many twisted structures. Unlike other chapters, the Reset Bomb Forest is home multiple Hot Springs, one of which is quite small, while the other one is huge. In addition, the latter half of the level includes a small labyrinth that may be initially confusing due to the similarities of its areas. Upon making it past all of these obstacles, Pit will find his way to the arena where Cragalanche awaits him.

Pit facing Cragalanche

Boss Battle

The boss of this chapter is Cragalanche, a rock monster that actually only stands a few feet taller than Pit himself. This creature's solid body allows it to take a lot of punishment from the angel's attacks, making it a very effective warrior of Viridi's army. However, its one major weakness is the red opening on its back, which can be difficult to hit due to the monster's unusually fast movement speed. If this weak spot is hit several times in a very short period of time or is hit by a very strong attack, Cragalanche will be knocked onto its side and be stunned, leaving the weak point even more vulnerable to attack as it struggles to get back up. Cragalanche has a variety of attacks, ranging from digging underground and tossing large boulders, to charging rapidly towards Pit and pounding the ground with its fists.


  • Magma Ball: Cragalanche tosses a ball of magma at Pit.
  • Pound: Cragalanche punches the ground twice, each punch sending three blades of energy at Pit.
  • Meteor Charge: Cragalanche charges forward in Pit's general direction.
  • Body Slam: Cragalanche hovers in midair before attempting to crush Pit beneath him.
  • Tunnel Uppercut: Cragalanche tunnels underground before attempting to attack Pit from below.
  • Earthquake: Cragalanche beats his chest a few times before sending a localized shockwave through the ground that causes an earthquake in Pit's general direction.
  • Giant Punch: Cragalanche enlarges his right hand before delivering a hard punch to Pit.
  • Rock Whip: Cragalanche turns his left hand into a whip before swiping at Pit. The move can either be avoided by a Well-timed dodge or can be interrupted entirely by shooting the red mark on the whip.
  • Magma Wall: Cragalanche creates a wall of hardened magma that he promptly breaks apart, sending four giant balls of magma in Pit's direction.


After defeating Cragalanche, the golem explodes. Viridi sarcastically congratulates Pit on his victory, but tells him that the next Reset Bomb is nearly complete. She teasingly asks where she should drop it before disappearing. Palutena extracts an enraged Pit as she laments on how they must now fight a war on two fronts.


  • This is shown to be one of the darker chapters in the game, as a large number of humans are killed during its events.

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