Rewind Spring

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Rewind Spring
Rewind spring pit.gif
First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

Origin: Divine Spring
Location: City of Souls
Inhabited By: N/A

The Rewind Spring is a magical spring found in the City of Souls and can be used to revert the effects of time on a living being. How much time is eradicated off the being is subject to how much one spend in the spring, and what parts of the body is dipped into it. Palutena sends Dark Pit on a mission in Scorched Feathers to dip the wingless Pit in the Rewind Spring. However, when he reaches his destination, Pandora releases herself from the dark angel's wings and Dark Pit is forced to fight. After the first battle, Pandora throws herself into the spring again and reverts the curse placed upon her, returning to her original self as Amazon Pandora. Once she is defeated, Dark Pit dips Pit in the Rewind Spring, and Pit's wings are restored.

Idol Description

Any creature that soaks in the Rewind Spring can roll back the effects of time. And at first glance it does seem like the spring reverses aging, thereby bestowing immortality. Yet those who stay for too long may find their entire lives erased.


  • The Rewind Spring is most likely based off, and a direct reference to, the mythical Fountain of Youth, for which many real life explorers searched for hundreds of years without success.

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