Sacred Chamber

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Not to be confused with Sacred Training Chamber.

Zeus gives Pit an Arrow of Strength.

The Sacred Chamber is a room in Kid Icarus. In the room, the god Zeus evaluates Pit's progress and awards him with an Arrow of Strength if Pit has acquired enough experience. If Pit doesn't meet the requirements, this room stays mysteriously empty. These won't appear in Fortresses. Monoliths make their first appearance in these chambers.


Kid Icarus

Sacred Chambers are sparsely scattered throughout the game and Pit can only have a total of five Strength Arrows. If Pit has already collected them all, these chambers will stay empty. Much like stores there are lava pits at either side of the chamber.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

Sacred Chambers function the same as they always have, except when a one is accessed, Zeus will say: "Good to see you Pit! Here's a present". Pit can also collect more than 5 Strength Arrows.

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