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Beckoned by destruction and corruption, the Aurum are born from and return to nothing. They travel across the galaxy to swallow up the heavens, land, and seas.

—Book of Divine Prophecy (Chapter 84, Section 3), as told by Pyrrhon

Pit and Pyrrhon facing the Aurum invasion.

The Aurum (オーラム Ōramu) are a race of malevolent extraterrestrial beings intorduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. They are attracted to natural disturbances in the universe, such as the war between the Forces of Nature and the Underworld Army. They are the central enemies during a three-part mini story arc that centers on their invasion of Angel Land, effectively forcing Hades, Viridi, and Palutena to join forces to face a greater threat. The sun god Pyrrhon also serves as an exclusive character to this mini arc, acting as a relatively useless helper at first and becoming the main antagonist towards the climax. The names of the Aurum are unable to be pronounced by human speech, thus Palutena takes some "creative liberties" to identify the Aurum.


The Aurum forces are made up of two separate groups of enemies, all of which have unique attacks.

Aurum Fleet

The Aurum Fleet is the primary fighting force of the Aurum army, and includes a variety of unique and futuristic models with digitalized bodies. Many enemies in this group have shapeshifting and warping abilities, which make them some of the game's toughest foes. All enemies of the Aurum Fleet possess the ability to fly or float in some way, with no exclusively grounded forces to speak of. The members of the Aurum Fleet are as follows:

Aurum Clones

Aurum Clones are copies of other enemies encountered in the game. They take on an appearance similar to that of the Aurum Fleet, but still use the same attacks as their respective counterparts. The following enemies can appear as Aurum Clones:

Aurum Vessels

The Aurum also possess a variety of ships that perform various functions, such as the combat-ready Destroyers and the enemy-carrying Cruisers. During The Aurum Hive, some of these vessels can be obliterated by Pit due to Palutena exposing their weak spots. The vessels in the Aurum fleet are as follows:

  • Aurum Battleship

The Aurum adjust their battleships to fit the scale of their enemies - the larger the planet to be conquered, the larger the ship to be produced. Thus, to take on Skyworld, the Aurum have created this massive, devastatingly powerful ship.

  • Aurum Cruiser

Though referred to as a cruiser, this entity may not consider itself such a ship in Aurum terms, if it indeed the Aurum consider it a ship at all! It can cruise through space and above planetary surfaces, however.

  • Aurum Destroyer

These vessels support Aurum Battleships with additional assault strength. Their massive homing cannons are designed for large targets sich as asteroids. Smaller foes such as Pit are better handled by regular Aurum troops.

  • Aurum Aircraft Carrier

These Aurum ships are similar to normal aircraft carriers, but instead of fighter planes, they store, resupply, and revive combat units. Although, with Aurum's mysterious technology, "repair" might be a more appropriate term than "revive".

Aurum Bosses

Although none are actual living beings or robots, Aurum bosses are still fought in this story arc. They are mainly control centers, ordering the production of more Aurum troops, and are described as having no actual will of their own. These centers do not talk and are not mobile. They only defend themselves from Pit with their own firepower or that of the Aurum army. The Aurum bosses are as follows:

The Aurum Brain is the main mastermind of the Aurum, described as having no actual will of its own, living only to give endless streams of orders. It takes control of Pyrrhon, who begins fighting for the Aurum, despite his intentions to make them fight for him, and attacks Pit. He attacks with fire while under Aurum control, but his attacks seem to be less powerful than before.


  • Aurum means "gold" in Latin.
  • The Aurum share many similarities with the Aparoids from the Nintendo game, Star Fox: Assault. Both are alien races that operate as a hive mind and speak collectively. In addition, both races have the ability to create clones of organisms that they assimilate.
  • As Viridi is a fortune teller, and is unfamiliar with the passage from the Book of Divine Prophecy that Pyrrhon quoted, it is possible that Pyrrhon, given his knowledge about the Aurum, summoned the Aurum himself, and was just covering his tracks.

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