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A map of Angel Land in the manual for Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

Angel Land (エンジェルランド Enjeru Rando) is the main setting of the Kid Icarus series. It consists of four areas, called "worlds", which are the Underworld, Overworld, Skyworld and the Palace in the Sky. It was once co-ruled by Palutena and Medusa, until Medusa's hatred towards the Human Army drove Palutena to exile her to the Underworld, changing her into a hideous monster in the process. Until Medusa's invasion, it was a harmonious place where gods and humanity lived together peacefully. During his adventures, Pit must travel through the various regions to either rescue Palutena or rid it from those who seek its destruction.


Not much is known about Angel Land itself, but there are many kinds of environments and regions in this realm, such as lakes, forests, mountains, caves and volcanoes. It's where every Kid Icarus game to date has been based, and during the invasion of the Underworld Army there are Underworld monsters in practically every location of Angel Land that Pit has to destroy. Some locations (and fortresses) would also contain a commander of the Underworld Army.

Different gods or goddesses rule over different areas or parts of Angel Land, such as Poseidon and Hades, who rule over the sea and the Underworld respectively.


Kid Icarus

In the beginning of the Trilogy, Pit is forced to rescue Palutena by traversing all realms in Angel Land. He starts off locked inside the Underworld where he must free himself, entering the Overworld and fighting his way to Skyworld. From here on, he must get to the Palace in the Sky where he defeats Medusa and frees Palutena.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

Much like the original game, this Game Boy sequel has Pit traverse most of Angel Land in sequence; however, the Palace in the Sky is not encountered. Also, it is the demonic monster called Orcos which is fought at the end, and not Medusa.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Unlike its predecessors, Uprising has the angel traveling from Skyworld to the Overworld at random. Once Chapter 8 is complete, Pit will also have a number of missions in the Underworld as well. Yet again, the Palace in the Sky is given no mention, most likely being replaced by Palutena's Temple in Chapter 20. Also, all realms are finally given a three dimensional perspective, a needed makeover for the series.


  • As hinted in the flavor text for Komayto, Angel Land seems to be a part of Earth.
    • If so, Angel Land could very well be a re-imagined take on Ancient Greece, giving the game's origins.
  • Oddly, the term "Angel Land" is never used in the English version of Uprising.

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