Hedgehog Claws

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Hedgehog Claws
Type: Claws
Specializes In: Close combat
Strengths: Extremely fast continuous fire, quick charge time, large speed boost
Weaknesses: Very weak continuous fire, poor homing

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Idol description

Inspired by hedgehogs, these claws charge quickly and provide a large speed boost to users. While they lack homing ability and have a low attack power, their rapid fire shoots a ceaseless barrage of projectiles.

Base statistics

Weapon data is for weapons with zero ranged and melee stars with no mods to them. Distance refers to the maximum range a shot can travel, measured with non-homing shots. Damage (near) refers to the damage done when the target is as close as possible. Damage (far) refers to the damage given at maximum range. The symbol "—" means the corresponding stat is not applicable to that specific attack.

Air battles

Attack Distance Damage Shots
Continuous 71.4m 3.9
Charged 81.2m 52.0 1
Melee hit 1 63.0
Melee hit 2 33.6
Melee hit 3 25.2
Melee hit 4 29.4
Melee hit 5 84.0
Special attack 130.0m 22.0 10

Land battles

Attack Distance Damage (near) Damage (far) Shots
Standing continuous 23.8m 0.8 0.8
Forward-dash continuous 30.0m 3.5 7.0 5
Side-dash continuous 30.0m 3.5 7.0 5
Backward-dash continuous 30.0m 3.5 7.0 5
Standing charged 28.0m 16.4 16.4 1
Forward-dash charged 34.0m 25.7 25.7 1
Side-dash charged 32.0m 19.2 19.2 1
Backward-dash charged 32.0m 22.1 22.1 1
Melee hit 1 15.3
Melee hit 2 8.2
Melee hit 3 6.1
Melee hit 4 7.1
Melee hit 5 20.4
Melee dash 47.9

Weapon fusion

This weapon follows standard weapon fusion rules, with the following exception:

Hedgehog Claws + Ogre Club = Great Reaper Palm (rather than Phosphora Bow)