Thanatos Rising

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Thanatos Rising
Soratobu Mokuba
Studio: Production I.G, NAS
Release Date:

March 8, 2012

Total Length: Approx. 9 minutes
Parts: 3

Thanatos Rising (空飛ぶ木馬 Soratobu Mokuba, Flying Horse) is one of the three Kid Icarus 3D Anime shorts that released on Nintendo Video to promote the release of Kid Icarus: Uprising. It features Pit as the protagonist, and he must battle Thanatos the god of death, as he attempts to destroy a human town by using one of the Trojan Horse-like structures hijacked from the Human Army.

Part One

Pit rushing towards the enemy.

The anime short starts off with a single yellow flower shaking due to human soldiers and their fleet of Trojan Horses marching to engage battle with the Underworld Army. The scene quickly changes to an open field as Pit frantically runs across while defeating a group of Monoeyes with his First Blade. As he finishes off the Underworld fiends, Palutena begins to communicate with Pit telepathically, telling the young angel that Thanatos is going to attack the city. Pit then ensures to her that he will stop the god of death. In the next scene, Thanatos is shown gleefully preparing his assault but is suddenly attacked by the Trojan Horses catapulting rocks at his army. Thanatos immediately takes interest in the structures, calling them "pretty ponies". Pit watches in awe as if it seems the humans have successfully defeated the Underworld Army without his help. But in a sudden turn of events, one of the Trojan Horses goes out of control and causes the humans to flee. Thanatos has successfully hijacked one of the Horses, and using his godly powers, the structure sprouts wings and begins to fly toward the city. Palutena quickly helps Pit by granting him the Power of Flight in order to catch up with Thanatos.

Part Two

Thanatos hijacks the Trojan Horse.

Pit continues his pursuit after Thanatos, but the god sends out a large gang of Monoeyes to distract the angel, forcing him to stop. Palutena uses her "Palutena Vision" to show Pit a shortcut to reach the city before Thanatos does. Pit asks Palutena where she got the information from, and she responds that "Thanatos blogged it", much to Pit's disbelief. However, Palutena then says, "Gotcha, Mr. Gullible", revealing she was only kidding. After the small humorous scene, Palutena guides Pit through the treacherous shortcut. As Palutena is busy leading her servant, one of the Skuttlers inform Thanatos that Pit is taking the shortcut to reach them. Just as Pit sees the way out of the ravine, Thanatos orders his troops to catapult rocks in the angel's direction. One of the rocks hit the side of the wall, causing a large slab of earth to fall right in front of Pit. Believing he has defeated the angel, Thanatos prepares to destroy the town as he orders his troops to launch a large rock.

Part Three

"Not today Thanatos!"

Just as the rock is about land, something interferes with it, delaying Thantos's destruction, baffling the god of death. Then from the dust and debris, Pit emerges and says, "Not today Thanatos!". Pit quickly flies over to the Trojan Horse, but Thanatos makes a run for it inside. The angel enters the sophisticated interior of the structure and spots Thanatos hiding behind the numerous moving gears. As he approaches his opponent, Thanatos slams the floor with a large spiky ball, but misses Pit. Not feeling intimidated, Pit mockingly asks if Thanatos has any more tricks up his sleeve. He replies, "Oh please, it's all in my flip-flops", then taps the floor lightly causing it to collapse where Pit is standing. The angel hangs onto the edge in front of Thanatos while a pair of giant gears that could potentially kill Pit is located right below him. Thanatos takes this situation to his advantage and throws a bunch of spiky balls at his foe as a "good-bye gift". Pit successfully manages to dodge all of the attacks but he quickly becomes very annoyed and fires a few shots at the god using his First Blade. One of the shots hit the gear above Thanatos, causing it to fall off and crush him. This action also causes the entire Trojan Horse to fall apart with Pit still inside it. After the scene of destruction, Pit is observed lying on the ground and doesn't appear to suffer any major injuries. Palutena calls out to him, asking if he is alright. The angel slowly gets up and asks if he has saved the people. He then looks up at the city and sees it is perfectly fine. Pit then looks at the same yellow flower shown previously as Palutena explains that "life always finds the light".

As for the ending stinger, Thanatos will yell, "Rage Quit! RAGE QUIT!" at the viewer.



Pit: Antony Del Rio

Palutena: Ali Hillis

Thanatos: Danny Mann


Director and Screenplay: Junichi Fujisaku

Producer: Yutaka Kawasaki

Animation Producers: Ryuji Mitsumoto, Haruyasu Makino

CG Director: Akira Yoshiyasu

Sound Director: Kazuno Hamano

Sound: Kisuke Koizumi