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In my feet I am a runner, in my head I am a thinker. In my heart I am a swimmer. But in my fingers.... I am a Sonic fan.

You can not look at this guy and not love him. Yes I just said that.

Hello yellow! I'm Sonic fan 74, a simple editor of Icaruspidia.I've played all three games and my favourite characters are: Dark Pit, Thanatos, Viridi, Magnus, Hades, the Chaos Kin, and the Aurum Brain (in that order), and I hope they all appear in the next game (except Hades), which WILL star Dark Pit! It pretty obvious.

Personal Info

Alias: sonic, sonic fan 64, sonic man 74, kid icarus 64, Skyfals

Gender: Male

Favourite Games: Kid Icarus Uprising, Sonic Unleashed, New Super Mario bros 2, SSB4, Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal, Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric

Affiliation: Sonic News Network, N.I.W.A, Icaruspidia, Deviant art, Metricetric Rankings

Favourite Weapons: Black Club, Dark Pit Staff, Silver Bow, Palutana bow, Cursed Palm, Nina Palm

Favourite faction: Chaos Kin

Member Since: February 2014

Occupation: Editor, gamer (Smasher), sonic fan, Deviant artist

Favourite Gaming characters: Dark Pit, Shadow, Sonic, Mario

Favourite Gaming franchises: Sonic the Hedgehog,Kid Icarus, Infamous, Assassins Creed, Super Smash Bros

Preferred Type of Character: Anti-Hero

Preferred Alignment: Neutral

Preferred weapon type: Staff

Preferred Type of Genre: Open-World Exploration

Smash 4 main: Dark Pit

Other Smash 4 mains: Ike, Sonic

Favourite things in Kid Icarus: Uprising

Favourite Character: Dark Pit - I'm a sucker for anti-heros. Who have cool voices. And preferably wear black.

Favourite Boss: Hades - When someone has an entire chapter devoted to them, you know they're good.

Favourite Chapter: Dark Pit/Scorched Feathers - WHY WASN'T DARK PIT A STAGE IN SSB4!!! I HAD TO MAKE IT MYSELF!!!

Favourite Music: Dark Pit's Theam - Responsible for my love of Spanish music.

Primary Weapon: Dark Pit Staff - Call me cowardly but I just love seeing something get sent flying from a distance.

Secondary Weapon: Silver Bow - I always referred Silver over Gold.

Tertiary Weapon: Cursed Palm - The colours are pretty.

Thoughts on a new Kid Icarus game

What I want

  • I want levels to be more open. Some of the levels in Uprising were drop dead gorgeous, and I would like to see more of them.
  • Open 3D fully exportable hub worlds.
  • I would like all returning characters to be the same age and have the same appearances as in Uprising.
  • All returning characters must have their Uprising or Smash 4 Voice actors. I refuse to allow Anthony del Rio's talent to go to waste.
  • I would like it to be a sequel/spinoff starring a different character, preferably Dark Pit(judging by recent polls you guys seem to share my views). It would follow him trying to find his place in the world and ends up with him being solo again and flying by himself again. He would also seek to break the connection between him and Pit.
  • If it does not star Dark Pit, his relationship with Viridi would be like Bass and Dr. Wily from Mega Man, serving Viridi, but only when he WANTS to, and will fight against the Forces of Nature if they get in his way and he would still be solo by the end of the game and the connection would still be broken. It's the one thing about the story I hate. That stupid bond...
  • I would like to see more playable characters.
  • I would like more focus on exploration and puzzles.
  • If the new game doesn't follow the tradition of having a new antagonist with each game, I would like Hades to return as the main Villain, but he must be darker and more intimidating.
  • I would like Viridi to continue her assault on humanity, but go more in depth about her feelings for Pit. Those two are SO cute together!
  • I would like it to be on the 3DS or the Wii U or both or their successors.
  • I want a better control scheme.
  • I would prefer if Sora made the game, but since Sakurai currently has no interest in making a sequel, a new developer would be okay. I would like him to write the script again though.
  • More chapters.

What I don't want

  • While I'm fine with Dark Pit and the Forces of Nature being villains, I don't want them to be the main enemies.
  • Dark Pit becoming all goody goody or baddie baddie. He is neutral and must stay that way.
  • An older Pit. I like to think that angles are like gods and don't age.
  • A poorly written love interest for Pit.
  • I don't want to wait until I'm 37 for this game to come out.

Thoughts on a new Smash Bros game

What I want

  • A story made similar to the Arcade Mode in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal.
  • Dark Pit to return as a veteran. Unlike some people, I LOVE Dark Pit and hope he appears in the next instalment. However, I would like him to be more separate from Pit in terms of his moveset.
  • Master Core to have more forms.
  • It to be on the New Nintendo 3DS or Wii U.
  • There to be more single player exclusive modes
  • More third-party characters. Like oh I don't know... Cole MacGrath maybe? Hey if Solid Snake can get in so can Cole.

What I don't what

  • Dark Pit NOT to return as a playable character in the next Smash Bros.
  • A 3D game. Smash Bros was just made to be in 2D.
  • Sakurai not developing the game. I'd rather have no game at all than a game without Sakurai.

That's all for now. See Ya!

P.S1 If I do something stupid, sorry and please don't hesitate to correct me.

P.S2 I like to think that Hades is the secret main antagonist of the franchise. If you connect the dots it makes sense!