Lunar Sanctum

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This article is about the location. For the chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising, see The Lunar Sanctum (chapter)
Lunar Sanctum
First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

Origin: Enemy Fortress / Prison
Location: Skyworld
Inhabited By: Arlon, Forces of Nature, Chaos Kin

The Lunar Sanctum is a gigantic mechanical moon created by the commander of the Forces of Nature, Arlon, and orbits the skies above Angel Land. It is the main setting of Chapter 13 in Kid Icarus: Uprising, which is named after it.


It was originally created by Arlon for the purpose of imprisoning the Chaos Kin, a vicious soul-eating creature that upset the balance of life. However it was later remade into a powerful weapon upon request by the Goddess of Nature, Viridi for it to be used by her army, the Forces of Nature to destroy humanity for their hubris. Upon discovering this truth, Palutena sent forth Pit to destroy the Lunar Sanctum and defeat Arlon before any humans suffered the weapon's wrath. The angel succeeded, however in its destruction, the Chaos Kin was released from its prison and wrecked havoc upon the world for three years.


The Lunar Sanctum's outer surface is exactly like the real moon's although it has a far brighter glow. Its interior is completely mechanical and appears to be made out of gold or bronze and contains futuristic-looking cities within which were all made by Arlon himself. There are countless troops of the Forces of Nature within the sanctum which monitor for intruders and attack on sight. The Lunar Sanctum Control Center creates holograms of enemies to trick and ward off any intruders. Arlon's domain, located deep within the sanctum, is a golden platform with elaborate designs surrounded by many gem-like lamps on elaborate gold posts and the ceiling resembles a starry sky, this room is also equipped with a stage light for Arlon's introduction.

Idol Description

A moon-inspired temple ruled by Arlon the Serene. Normally it acts like a new moon, hidden in the night sky. But when Palutena discovers it, it shines like a full moon, opening up to fire a devastating laser at Pit.



  • When Pit first saw the Lunar Sanctum orbiting the world alongside the real moon, he was quite shocked and claimed to have never seen it before, implying that the Lunar Sanctum was either built recently or that it had always remained out of sight before the chapter's events. However, the Chaos Kin had been there as a prisoner for supposedly a long time, likely meaning the latter reasoning.

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