The Lightning Chariot (chapter)

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The Lightning Chariot
Preceded By: The Ring of Chaos
Followed By: Palutena's Temple
Locations: Angel Cannon, Lightning Chariot Base
Major Characters: Chariot Master

This article is about the chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising. For the actual chariot, see Lightning Chariot.

The Lightning Chariot is the nineteenth chapter in the storyline of Kid Icarus: Uprising. Unable to access Palutena's Temple during the previous mission, Pit must find a powerful vehicle called the Lightning Chariot (drawn by two unicorns named Phos and Lux) with the help of his new ally, Viridi. To do this, he will have to gain the trust of a legendary warrior known as the Chariot Master, who resides in a tall tower above the heavens.

Aerial Mission

Pit begins this mission above an expansive woodland at night, where Viridi describes the Lightning Chariot and how it’s the only vehicle powerful enough to break through the barrier that Palutena has created around her temple. The Underworld forces begin attacking the angel in an attempt to keep him from reaching his target, making the trip quite challenging. Viridi mischievously explains that in order to reach the Lightning Chariot Base before the Power of Flight runs out, Pit will have to use an Angel Cannon to launch himself high into the heavens. Although he expresses worry at this fact, the nature goddess nevertheless flies him right into the barrel of the massive cannon, where he is shot straight into space within mere seconds. It isn’t long before the Chariot Master himself rides into view, although he quickly retreats into a vortex leading to the Lightning Chariot Base. As the Underworld Army gives chase, Hades finally greets Pit after the angel’s three-year absence, stating that he wants to steal the Lightning Chariot for his own use. Both Pit and the Underworld forces follow the Chariot Master through the vortex, where they find his heavenly abode and its notably tall tower. Viridi proceeds to land him at the base of the tower, where he initiates his ground mission.

Ground Mission

This part of the mission is essentially a series of rooms that each make up a level of the tower, each of which are connected by curving paths and Grind Rails. Every room has its own unique obstacles, all of which are accompanied by the Underworld troops that have invaded the tower. Due to the length of this stage, Pit often pesters Viridi about how tall the tower is, much to her frustration. The Chariot Master also expresses annoyance at the presence of both Pit and the Underworld Army, calling them all intruders in his domain. This mission essentially tests many of the angel’s fighting capabilities by including the game’s three vehicles and a huge variety of Underworld monsters to battle. Below is a list of all the rooms that make up the tower:

First Room

The first room contains multiple pits where various enemies are hiding in. They must be defeated to proceed.

Platform Room

Pit must ride a floating platform across a deep hole, while avoiding the fire of enemies on another platform. Once across, a switch can be hit to destroy enemies with an explosion.

Electric Room

The floor of this room is split in half, where one side will be electrified while the other is safe to stand on. Pit must switch between the two sides as they change, while defeating multiple flying enemies to unlock the next door.

Pillar Room

Two Zurrets and a Treasure Box are located on the pillars of this room, which can be knocked down with both melee and ranged attacks. Clear the enemies to advance to the next room.

"Donkey Kong" Room

As described by Hades, this room involves using Jump Pads to avoid rolling barrels while ascending a sloping platform similar to the concept of the original Donkey Kong.

Ice Room

Pit must battle multiple frosty enemies on the slippery ice floor. An Aether Ring located at the side of the room can be used to defeat said monsters.

Mine Room

Pit must destroy the floating enemies in this room while avoiding the four land mines in the area.

Bowling Room

This rather odd room contains a group of Reapettes lined up like bowling pins. A Wrecking Ball at the side of the room can be hit will a melee attack to bowl it into the Reapettes, although the ball will continue to roll around the room and can cause damage to Pit if he's hit by it.

Wind Room

This room is plagued by heavy wind currents that can knock Pit off the platform if he's not careful. Pit can avoid the first windstorm by using the Sky Jump power at the first leap pad.

Practice Track Room

Some enemies must first be cleared to proceed. An Exo Tank will appear and must be used to travel along the Lightning Chariot's practice track. The track ends in a gap that only the Exo Tank's charge attack or certain Powers can leap.

Transition Room

Pit must shoot multiple targets on a pillar to bring it down. He will then face a variety of enemies until a Jump Pad appears to proceed. This will transition Pit to the second part of the stage, where he will face more enemies on a ring-shaped platform.

Maze Room

This room has Pit traversing a maze filled with Igniots and Girins. It also contains multiple holes that the angel can potentially fall into. Despite this, Pit can exploit the Sky Jump power to leap over them and skip the maze.

Intensity Gate

This chapter's Intensity Gate requires a difficulty setting of 6.0 and is located within the Maze Room.

Arena Room

Hades challenges Pit in this room with some of his tougher minions, including an Eggplant Wizard, a Pluton, and a massive Crawler. He must clear all of the Underworld monsters to proceed.

Cherubot Room

Pit can use the Cherubot here to destroy the Underworld enemies in this room, one of which is a dangerous Fort Oink.

Hot Spring Room

To Pit's surprise, a massive Hot Spring is found here, allowing him to refill his health for the boss battle. In addition, a Hot Spring-loving Bumbledrop is also encountered here.

If the player waits in the Hot Spring long enough, a random weapon will appear in its center.

After making it through the tower’s many rooms, Pit reaches a final room with a teleporter that will take him straight to the Chariot Master’s quarters.

Boss Battle

Pit emerges outside, finding himself on a race track built for the Lightning Chariot. To his surprise, he sees one of unicorns with a smaller chariot in plain sight. The Chariot Master orders Pit to take the reins of the chariot to use in the battle against him, to which the angel reluctantly agrees. This begins one of the game’s most unique boss battles, as Pit must control both the chariot and his aiming reticle while fighting the Chariot Master along the race track. The warrior uses many electric-based attacks, including the ability to unleash lightning strikes from above. Melee attacks can also be used on him if Pit is able to get close enough, and his dodging mechanics are still available as well. After taking enough damage, the Chariot Master will finally go down, but not before congratulating Pit.


  • Lightning Strike: The Chariot Master sends out a column of lightning at Pit.
  • Fire Mines: The Chariot Master tosses three red fireballs that act as obstacles for Pit.
  • Fire Arrows: The Chariot Master fires several blue fireballs at Pit.
  • Sword Swing: If Pit is close enough, the Chariot Master will swipe at him with his sword.
  • Charge: Not necessarily an attack, but the Chariot Master will charge forward to stay ahead of Pit if the angel gets too far ahead of him.

Battle Quotes

  • "Charge!"' (When racing ahead of Pit.)
  • "Be gone!" (When using his sword.)
  • "To oblivion with you!" (When using Lightning Strike or fire attacks.)
  • "Oh..." (When near defeat.)


Upon defeat, the weakened Chariot Master falls to the ground and praises Pit for his strength, revealing a much gentler side to the initially bitter character. Although the angel wants to help him back up, the old warrior states that he’s finally ready to pass on, and entrusts Pit with his steeds and the Lightning Chariot. With that, the Chariot Master’s body fades away. Viridi, in an unusual motion of kindness, commends him as an honorable warrior before extracting Pit from the Lightning Chariot Base.


  • In the latter half of the ground mission, Pit breaks the fourth wall by acknowledging the loading screen that appears during the Transition Room. Viridi quickly responds by claiming that "they" can hear him, and that he's not supposed to talk about it.
  • The Nintendo game, Donkey Kong is directly referenced by Hades during this chapter.
  • This is the only chapter where Palutena does not appear at any point, but she is still referenced.
  • This is one of only two chapters in which an Exo Tank, Cherubot, and an Aether Ring all appear and can be used - the other being Chapter 9.
  • Judging from the dialogue regarding Hades knowing about Pit being turned into a ring, it's very possible the evil god was the one responsible for luring the Chaos Kin to Skyworld to attack Pit and Palutena.

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