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Hearts are a form of currency in the Kid Icarus series. In Kid Icarus, they are a recurring item in Angel Land and are accepted in every Store. Nearly every enemy drops one when defeated, and special care must be taken to avoid leaving the resulting Heart out of Pit's reach. Exposed Hearts vanish after a few seconds.

Official artwork of Hearts in Kid Icarus


Kid Icarus

Pit carrying Hearts

In the original Kid Icarus, all enemies (excluding bosses and two other standard foes) would automatically drop these once defeated. The size of the Heart depends on what enemy was defeated. These could be traded in for goods at any store, and a very large amount of Hearts could be traded at the black market for any stolen weapons. They come in three size varieties:

Heart: Worth 1 Heart

Half Heart: Worth 5 Hearts

Big Heart: Worth 10 Hearts

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

The monetary Heart system hasn't changed since the previous adventure, but enemies may instead drop Hammers and goblets of life water when defeated on occasion.

Heart: Worth 1 Heart

Half Heart: Worth 5 Hearts

Big Heart: Worth 10 Hearts

Kid Icarus: Uprising

A Gold Heart

As in the previous adventures, Hearts are dropped by most enemies when defeated and give Pit points for collecting them. He can use these to buy things from the Arm's Altar. In addition, Pit can gamble Hearts using the Fiend's Cauldron to increase the difficulty. Small Hearts automatically move towards Pit without him having to collect them individually, so that Pit can continue to focus on battle. Big Hearts (now with silver or gold frames), on the other hand, must be collected manually like in the original games unless they are dropped by enemies. Hearts may also be found inside Treasure Chests, and certain kinds of jars. Pit can also offer Hearts to Palutena or Viridi, but doing so has no real benefit.

  • Small Heart: Worth 1 Heart
  • Half Heart: Worth 5 Hearts
  • Big Heart: Worth 10 Hearts
  • Gold Heart: Worth 100 Hearts
  • Big Golden Heart: Worth 500 Hearts


  • Big Hearts bear a striking visual resemblance to Heart Containers from the Legend of Zelda series.

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