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Type: Weapon
Specializes In: Ranged Combat
Strengths: Strong homing, can fire two shots at once
Weaknesses: Poor melee capabilities, deals half-damage if only one shot hits

Orbitars, known in Japan as Satellite (衛星 "Eisei"), are a type of weapon introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising that always come in pairs. Heavily resembling the Protective Crystals, they look like two floating objects that are often mechanical in nature. These weapons are excel at ranged combat and have typically have high shot homing.


Like Claws, orbitars always come in pairs. In addition, they are the only known weapons that never come into direct contact with Pit; rather, they float on either side of his body. Orbitars excel at long-range firepower, and have a chance at hitting multiple enemies at once since they fire separate shots. Most shots also grow stronger the longer they travel, making them most effective at hitting enemies from a distance. However, if one of the shots doesn't hit, especially for the charged shots, it only deals half the damage. When used in close-range combat, orbitars will move from their positions and spin quickly in front of Pit as a melee attack. For their special attack, orbitars fire multiple balls of energy that fly around the screen.


The different types of orbitars are as follows:

Orbitar Variants




Standard Orbitars

The basic orbitars, which are pictured above. They resemble blue crystal balls.

Guardian Orbitars

A pair of orbitars shaped like shields. They can unleash a large shield-shaped wall of energy as a charged attack specifically intended to block enemy fire; however, this makes them dependent on their continuous fire for attacking due to the short range of the charged shots.

Shock Orbitars

Orbitars with green orbs that are outfitted with orange "wings". The projectile of these weapons can home in on foes and occasionally paralyze them, although their range is rather short.

Eyetrack Orbitars

Circular orbitars that are yellow and blue, which fire eye-shaped projectiles with superior homing capabilities- in some cases, the projectiles can actually circle around and hit a target more than once. They have a notable Egyptian design to them.

Fairy Orbitars

A pair of orbitars that resemble fairies. They can occasionally confuse enemies with their attacks, and has quick charging time.

Paw Pad Orbitars

A pair of orbitars that look like the paws of a cat, one calico and one tabby. Its shots bounce along the ground in Land Battles.

Jetstream Orbitars

A pair of orbitars that are gray and light blue in color, with what looks like a jet turbine in front of them. They have a greater range than most other orbitars, but their shots lose power as they travel. Their charged shots can knock enemies into the air.

Boom Orbitars

Orbitars that resemble cannons that are black and red in color. Their projectiles are cannonballs, which can bounce off the ground and walls just like shots from the Cannon class weapons can. Even though they have the strongest melee and ranged attack power, they lack any homing ability, and slows the user considerably when firing continuously.

Gemini Orbitars

One of the Zodiac Weapons, this set of orbitars is inspired by the the third sign of the Zodiac. Their standing charged shots initially travel forward, then rapidly swerve towards the target, making it particularly useful in Together mode. They are hidden in Chapter 6 in a passage that opens up if Dark Pit is defeated in the underground chamber.

Aurum Orbitars

Orbitars made with Aurum technology. Their continuous fire unleashes a narrow energy beam that is limited in range but travels so fast that targets have little time to dodge. Charged shots from these orbitars move somewhat slowly, but do heavy damage and send opponents flying into the air.

Centurion Orbitars

Orbitars made to resemble a pair of Centurions. Their shots fire in an arc like an arrow and are particularly strong at close range. Backward-dash charge shots fire Centurion Knight shields that can cancel enemy fire.

Arlon Orbitars

A pair of gold-colored orbitars that resemble miniature versions of the Lunar Sanctum. They can fire various projectiles, including chakrams for its continuous fire. It has the longest range out of all the orbitars.


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