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Hijiri Tori Fenikkusu (Holy Bird Phoenix)
First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)


The Immortal Phoenix

Affiliation(s): Unaffiliated
Boss Type: Aerial

The Phoenix (フェニックス "Fenikkusu") is the boss of Chapter 10: The Wish Seed in Kid Icarus: Uprising.



The Immortal Phoenix is a large, somewhat reptilian bird that lives in the volcanic wastelands of Phoenix Mountain. It serves as the sole guardian of the Wish Seed, holding the responsibility of protecting the seed's powers from being used for evil. The Phoenix is covered with a green plumage and a red scaled chest. The sacred bird also has a large feathered tail and a yellow crest that sits upon the top of its head.


As the guardian of the Wish Seed, the Phoenix is a powerful creature. Pit even notes that the Phoenix could destroy humanity single-handedly. As implied by its title and noted by Palutena, the Phoenix is immortal and can resurrect itself when defeated, preventing it from being truly killed.

The Phoenix is capable of manipulating fire, using it to coat itself in flames and charge at enemies. The Phoenix can also breathe fire, either in the form of fireballs or a large stream. The Phoenix's mighty wings allow it to stir up powerful tornadoes to blow enemies away. The Phoenix can also fire its razor-sharp wing feathers at enemies. It can also stomp the ground to create shockwaves.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising

The Immortal Phoenix serves as the boss of Chapter 10: The Wish Seed. In the chapter, Hades tricked Pit and Palutena into defeating the Phoenix. Upon defeating the sacred bird, a fiery phoenix-shaped beacon appears. According to Hades, the beacon will inform humankind of the Phoenix's defeat, and that the Wish Seed has been stolen. Hades believes this will provoke the humans to fighting each other over the Wish Seed, providing more souls for the Underworld Army. The plan is successful, starting one of the bloodiest wars in the history of Angel Land.

The Phoenix makes another appearance in Chapter 24: The Three Trials, as one of Dyntos's creations to test Pit's strength.

Idol Description

A fiery bird born of magma that roosts within a volcano. The Phoenix vigilantly guards the Wish Seed, an object said to grant its owner's any desire. Only when the Phoenix falls can the Wish Seed be taken.


  • The Phoenix is based on the mythological bird of the same name, which is recognizable across many different cultures.

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