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First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

Affiliation(s): Unaffiliated
Enemy Type: Aerial, Special

The Treasurefish (キャリオ Kyario) is an obscure creature introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It resembles an angler fish that swims through the air rather than through water. The Treasurefish's most notable feature is the bubble-like pouch that makes up most of its body size, which it uses to carry items like Treasure Chests. If Pit shoots these creatures and eliminates them, he will receive the contents within the chests they carry. Such items will fly towards him, although they can potentially be left behind if Pit isn't fast enough. The Treasurefish itself is not a member of the Underworld Army. There is also a rare variation of the Treasurefish that's gold in color with orange at the end of its fins and tail, has blue crystalline eyes, and a red mouth. This variation will give the player more rare items, but its faster then the normal Treasurefish making it harder to hit.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising

A common Treasurefish makes its first appearance in The Return of Palutena during the Air Battle when Pit descends to the Overworld. Regular Treasurefish typically drop a Happy Trigger, or occasionally a Power-up Drop or Food when shot. The Rare Treasurefish on the other hand drops weapons or Powers when taken down.

Idol Description

"Nearly all the Treasure Boxes you see scattered around the world were from Treasurefish. Take them down while they're transporting a chest to reap rich rewards! Not allied to any side, they roam the battlefield, dropping their prizes."

Rare Treasurefish
The Rare Treasurefish is loaded with even better cargo than its cousins! You can be sure whatever they're carrying is top notch, so shoot them down on sight. They seem to insist on standing out without any regard for their own safety.


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